API Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for the API of our service. This document provides details on the available API endpoints, how to authenticate, and examples of requests and responses.

Base URL

The base URL for our API is:


All endpoints are protected by an API Key, which should be specified in the X-Api-Key header. API Keys can be created for free with an account.

API Endpoints

GET /api/v2/projects/[project]

Example Request:

curl -H "X-Api-Key: your-api-key"{project}

Example Response:

  "total_downloads": 1395207458,
  "id": "{project}",
  "versions": [
  "downloads": {
    "2023-08-29": {
      "1.0": 1142321,
      "1.1": 1231
    "2023-08-28": {
      "1.0": 1241242,
      "1.1": 3234

Feel free to explore other endpoints and reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance!